Project Details

  • Construction Date

    April 4, 2021

Project Description

One major benefit to having asphalt paved farm lanes is the reduction in erosion, watershed pollution, and maintenance. Properly paved roads enhance these qualities, especially maintenance. A well built paved road can be virtually maintenance free for years after construction

When you drive down a roadway, you will often notice grates and curb inlets for stormwater drainage elements. Catching stormwater in underground pipes and routing it to retention ponds so it filters into the soil, rather than running down ditches picking up turbidity and pollutants to carry them into streams is a very important part of road construction. Many streams along roadways have been silted in and some filled with erosion runoff because poor stormwater management infrastructure and techniques were used in the construction of the road. This damage is difficult to mitigate, and sometimes results in permanent degradation of the streams and creeks it effects. This impacts the quality of the watershed and wildlife that live along it. Attention to details like this are an important part of quality road construction.